About VirtualPatient-Work.Net

Virtualpatient-Work.Net is a brand new e-learning platform delivering free virtual patients in Occupational Medicine (OM) targeted for the uninitiated, the professional and everyone in between.

Offering high-quality expert authored and reviewed virtual patients dealing with OM in a wide range of professions, Virtualpatient-Work.Net gives the student of OM a great chance to in an interactive and problem-based learning approach practice and improve his or her acquired knowledge.

Originating from the in 2003 initiated international e-learning project NeTWoRM (Net-based-training in work-related medicine), all of our virtual patients have during nearly a decade been worked with and appreciated by students all over the world.

Virtualpatients-Work.Net consists of free high quality virtual patients authored in English and Spanish, all of which the user will gain instant access to through a simple subscription.

In addition to our free virtual patients we also offer other virtual patients developed for CME, secondary school students, as well as virtual patients developed within the EU, for Latin American countries and in cooperation with the Virtual School of Bavaria (VHB).

An optional number of virtual patients can on the request of the user be put together into a virtual patient course. This is a practical approach for universities intending to use virtual patients in their curriculum or for a users who whish to work through a specific number or type of virtual patients. Once a course has been created the option of a course evaluation is enabled. A course evaluation provides the course user with, among other things, a detailed summary of each course participant’s results on every virtual patient of the course in question. In addition, single virtual patients may be evaluated through a case evaluation.

The above mentioned services is all part of our extended service and support.