Extended Service and Support

As an optional add-on, our coordinating center in Munich are willing to provide you with extended services and corresponding support. Please contact us if you are interested in any of the below listed services:

Course creation

Any of our virtual patients can be put together into a virtual patient course. This is for example a useful and practical approach for universities intending to use virtual patients in their curriculum or for users who whish to work through a specific number or type of virtual patientt. A course creation is a prerequisite for a course evaluation (read more below).

Case or course evaluation

In order to get a measurement of the user(s) result of one or many virtual patients, a case-/course evaluation is useful. Each virtual patient or a number of virtual patients put together into a virtual patient course may be subject for an evaluation. An evaluation provides the user with useful information on the following things (all statistics available per user):

-       Number of screens* visited                                   

-       Minutes spent per virtual patient

-       Percent correct answers per virtual patient

*Each virtual patient is divided into different numbers of screens (subsets).

The above statistics are by default provided through a course evaluation. In addition, the user may ask for other personalized evaluation statistics.


The above described extended support is received for a specific cost which is depening on the amount of virtual patients and students in your course. Please contact us for more information on your specific price.