Why Virtual Patients?

It is well known that tuition of occupational medicine (OM) suffers from the lack of patient wards and, thus, the opportunities of bedside teaching. Virtualpatients-Work.Net aims to improve these evidently imperfect conditions in order to enhance the interest of OM in particular among medical students but also among students of other fields of study.

Virtual patients (VP) introduce students and other professionals of OM to an interactive e-learning environment, in which the user in the role of a health care professional is introduced to fictitious and reality-based scenarios of OM, based on a wide range of different professions and workplaces.

Hence, the VP’s provide students of OM with the often lacking but important opportunity of bedside teaching and serves as a tool for the introduction to and/or the in-depth learning of OM, as well as the provider of knowledge about current health problems and as students’ preparation for exams.